1. Another baptism plaque. This time featuring a milestone and a more disney-esque color palette, at the request of the mother.

  2. Present Day Assassin’s Creed

    Playing through the continuation of Ezio’s storyline in old Italy, I was inspired to design a present day version of an Assassin. 

    Needless to say, Assassin’s Creed is the property of Ubisoft, with whom I am in no way affiliated as of this time. This is purely the work of a fan. Should anyone take offence, I am prepared to remove it from my blog.

  3. Here’s some design variants on an elephantesque scavenger vehicle for the Ashen universe, ranging from the domestic to the straight-up military. Currently working on the final version which will fall somewhere in between the two. I’ll put it up as soon as it’s done.

  4. Baptism plaque for Idun.

    Got another request for a birth/baptism plaque. The baby’s named Idun, as in the Norse goddess of lifegiving apples - the Nordic equivalent of the Greek ambrosia. Really enjoy making these. Again, the information and name has been removed for the sake of privacy.

  5. Norse Baptism Plaque.

    As a follow up to the baptism card I was asked by the mother to paint her a plaque commemorating the baby’s birth. Apparently, this is a rather common thing, the plaque. Myself, I’ve got an ornamental metal flagpole with name/birth measurements/birth date and time engraved. To each his own.

    The name and said measurements belong on the shield in this picture, but since I’m posting this on the world wide internets, I thought it best to remove any specific personal information.

  6. Tiril in the sky with dragons

    I made a card for a baptism ceremony this weekend. The little tyke’s name is Tiril, and now she will no doubt grow up to conquer the world on the back of a dragon.

  7. Ashen Tower.

    I’m working on a suite of paintings for a portfolio project, dubbed Ashen. It’s set in a future India blanketed by the aftermath of a meteorite rain. A global Pompeii, where toxic ash has pushed human civilization back to the cradle.

    More to come.

  8. Smaug the Magnificent

    I enjoyed the portrayal of Smaug in Jackson’s second movie last december. Don’t get me wrong. But I was also slightly taken aback. Personally, Smaug has always stuck in my mind as more a creature of elegance and guile, rather than bulk and straightforward ferocity. So I felt the need to portray my own version of the red dragon, now that Jackson’s version has taken to the big screen at last.

  9. An experiment in minimalism, featuring the disappearingly keen edge of the kanabo, the centerpiece of my short story The Bleeding Edge. 

    Here, I’ll point you to the other versions of the cover: 1 and 2

  10. Yet another Welcome to India color study. Mesmerized by the sleepless hustle and lights.

  11. Here’s another color study from Welcome to India.

  12. I suppose there were real restrictions to molding teeny-tiny little plastic-and-metal men in armor during the late 80’s, and I do very much enjoy the universe of warhammer 40k, but nevertheless the resulting designs of the W40K Space Marines does sometimes bug me.

    So I experimented a little with the majestic form of the Adeptus Astartes. Heresy! I know. But still, I like where I ended up.