1. A trio of studies i did off screens from Ridley Scott’s magnificent Kingdom of Heaven.

  2. Oh yes, all regal and caesar like. No?

  3. Did a study on one of the photos that served as inspiration for the colorful fishing boat. 

  4. Found my fishing boat sketches from last year and felt like throwing some color on one of them.

  5. Ashen - Tower

    Here it is: the full Ashen suite. Set in near-future India, a cascade of meteorites and the volcanic chaos they caused have covered great swathes of the Earth in ash. What remains of the human race has taken shelter within the sealed tombs of civilization, nursing the faltering embers of culture and society.

  6. Ashen - Main entrance

    With most of the tower hermetically sealed, the few gateways are closely guarded and maintained. The building’s air conditioning systems have been rigged to filter the outside air and supply its inhabitants with a breathable atmosphere.

  7. Ashen - Homecoming

    Perched on the doorstep, the scavenger pilot and his lumbering vehicle turn left to the forge, skirting the vibrancy of civilization.

  8. Ashen - Forge

    The scavenged materials are siphoned into silos for further sorting and processing at the lower levels. The pilot gets paid for his scavenge.

  9. Ashen - Exophant

    A closer look at the scavenger’s elephantine vehicle. Twin vacuuming engines mounted at the rear suck up valuable metals and other trace elements interspersed with the ash. The findings are then carried back to civilization in two shoulder-mounted tanks. Controlling the entire thing is a lone pilot, sheltered from the harsh environment within an underslung cockpit container.

  10. Maskface Demon Blacksmiths.

    The innest of all in-jokes. In no way are you expected to understand this painting unless you’ve watched episode 15 of Jesse Cox’s playthrough of Shadow Warrior. Anyway, allow me to introduce you to the latest band out of Portland: Maskface Demon Blacksmiths. You’ve probably never heard of them.

  11. Another baptism plaque. This time featuring a milestone and a more disney-esque color palette, at the request of the mother.

  12. Present Day Assassin’s Creed

    Playing through the continuation of Ezio’s storyline in old Italy, I was inspired to design a present day version of an Assassin. 

    Needless to say, Assassin’s Creed is the property of Ubisoft, with whom I am in no way affiliated as of this time. This is purely the work of a fan. Should anyone take offence, I am prepared to remove it from my blog.